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The Knowledge Base Team is made up of professionals who have spent many years within the engineering and design industries. We are therefore in the ideal position to capitalise on this hands-on-knowledge to deliver a leading suite of integrated software design solutions. Our programs have been developed to work intuitively and naturally, the way you do!

(PR.ENG BSC.ENG. Civil Engineering)

Vincent is the CEO for Knowledge Base Group of companies. He is also the visionary that led to the creation of a truly integrated civil engineering infrastructure design software package.
(NAT. DIP. Civil Engineering)

Charles is our Head of Accounts Manager and is responsible for managing all global and regional sales and training.

(BTECH Civil Engineering + NAT CERT Datametrics)

Dawid is the Software Development Manager and is responsible for managing the entire development process for Civil Designer and AllyCAD.

(B.COM Accounting / Adv Certificate in Taxation)

Christopher is the Financial Manager of the group and responsible for the entire financial function which incorporates internal auditing.

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