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We are renowned for having the best support in the industry. Our Support Centre is manned by technical professionals whose sole responsibility is to answer support calls. With us you deal direct and donít have to liaise with a reseller or call centre.

Contact our Support Team

Customer support is an integral part of our business as we want to help you to finish the job on time - every time. Our Support Staff are available to help registered users:

    Monday - Thursday 08h00 - 17h00 (GMT+02:00)
    Friday 08h00 - 16h30 (GMT+02:00)

You can log a support ticket on our ticketing service at any time and we will respond as soon as a consultant is available.

contact+27 (0)87 405 6933   (International)
contact+27 (0)21 7011 850   (SA)
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In the unlikely event that they are unable to assist, our programmers are available to answer questions.


Make sure your current version is up to date. AllyCAD and Civil Designer are continually evolving in response to requests and trends in the industry. Our Subscription ensures that you receive the latest updates and new versions:
Civil Designer updates >>
AllyCAD updates >>


Our Support Centre often releases video FAQs and tech tip tutorials that will help you to go about doing specific tasks or deal with common questions:
Civil Designer FAQ videos >>
AllyCAD techtips >>


We have extended our support services to include remote desktop sharing. This allows our Support Consultants to view or share your designs while resolving your query or questions.
Download remote viewer >>


If you are experiencing any problems making your PC read the software dongle, you may need to install the latest dongle driver. View the updates page to download the latest dongle driver.
Civil Designer updates >>
AllyCAD updates >>

What your annual Subscription gives you

Platinum level for a fraction of the cost of your software
We are renowned for having the best support in the industry. When you come on board we automatically give you an annual subscription. After this period you will have the opportunity to renew this annual contract with us to get the following benefits:


Telephonic Support *
Email Support *
Remote Support
Onsite Support **
Tech Tip Tutorials
User Group Meetings
Visits To Your Office


Current Version Upgrades
Free Copy of New Versions ***
Development Requests ****

* Unlike other software developers or resellers, we don't charge you extra or limit you to a specific amount of hours only! We will call mobiles as well as landlines for callbacks. Itís simply the importance we place on quality support.

** This does not include training in the use of the software, but we are happy to help with minor questions or issues. For training, please see our training page.

*** Since the release of our 2010 versions, we will be releasing a new version of our software every year with more functionality and features to speed up your design time. Release date during the year may change.

**** All development requests are passed onto our development team and assessed in terms of importance.


We provide you with a marketing opportunity by publishing your project success stories in the countryís top trade journals, online and through our newsletter as part of our promotion strategy.

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