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Our Mission and Policy

The mission of Knowledge Base is to develop and supply professional and intuitive software for the engineering and design industries so that users can focus on the most effective solutions for their design needs and improve their organisation's service delivery.

It is our policy to develop professional software for civil engineers that meet or exceed our customer requirements. All of our products and services are predicated on the fundamental goal of providing world-class infrastructure design in a cost-effective and production orientated environment.

We are committed to quality and excellence both in the final products that we produce and in the execution of our customer service delivery. At Knowledge Base we believe that each component of our business is integrally linked to each other to form a value service chain that will continually strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

Vincent Bester
Chief Executive Officer

Company Background

Knowledge Base is a specialist software development company that was started in 1989 with the specific aim of developing quality software for the engineering and design industries. Our software is based on years of experience in the design office and on site, and is continually being refined to suit the needs and requirements of our clients.

Today, over 30 years later, we are proud to be the only developer and supplier of completely integrated software solution for the civil infrastructure design industry.

Knowledge Base Products

Knowledge Base is the sole developer and distributor of the CIVIL DESIGNER and AllyCAD software range. Enjoy the benefits of superior service and deal direct with the developer and distributor of your software.

Civil Designer

Fully Integrated Civil Engineering Infrastructure Design Software

Civil Designer consists of a suite of powerful design modules that seamlessly interact with the advanced digital terrain modeling program and industrial strength CAD engine that form the heart of the software. The eight modules give you advanced design features and functionality to design roads, earthworks, sewer, water and stormwater networks. Together the modules combine to form an integrated design platform for civil engineering infrastructure as well as data gathering, drawing, and surface modeling.

The program handles the whole process from initial fieldwork through DTM creation and editing, contour generation, bulk earthworks, infrastructure design, draughting and plotting. You no longer have to transfer the data between different packages and have seamless access to all the powerful functionality of the fully integrated design modules on one consistent user-friendly interface. The program is a complete design environment and creates your final drawings for you.

Our software has been designed more robustly and better than our competitors as we needed it to function for African conditions. As a result we can handle DTM's of over 95 million points, over 400km of roads, and huge sewer, storm and water network infrastructure works. We also fully support local design standards.

View the Civil Designer site for more info >>


Powerful user-friendly CAD package with included Toolkits

Both professionals and novices prefer AllyCAD for its strength, essential functionality and renowned ease-of-use. The included Toolkits in the product have received high praise from our users for speeding up their design tasks and allowing high production levels in the shortest possible time.

AllyCAD has been completely rewritten to allow for both 2D and 3D draughting and has been described as the fastest Windows CAD package available. We have added and improved many features and functionality to give you the AllyCAD Advantage, allowing you to design the way you want to.

AllyCAD is now used in over 40 different countries and is preferred for its ease of use as well as being one of the fastest and most powerful CAD packages on the market.

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