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Converting Roads to Strings
Last Updated 4 years ago

This Tech Tip explains how to convert a road design from a cross section road to a strings road.

All road projects created in earlier versions of Civil Designer will be cross sections.

Converting an old Road Project

Once the project has been opened

Roads Mode > File Menu > Select Road File

All the roads in the project will be listed. All the roads will be shown in black text showing the roads are cross section roads.

All the roads can be converted to strings, this is done by clicking on the Convert all to String Roads

The following prompt will appear. 

Click on Yes to continue.    

The program will then recalculate the roads and do the conversion.   

Roads are now shown in blue to show they are now string roads.

You can also convert individual roads.

Roads Mode > Tools Menu > Road Control Panel

In the Road Control Panel, the current road will be selected and the various defaults associated with this road.

By changing the Generated As type, the current road will be converted.

 Select Strings and then click OK.

 When prompted, click Yes.

The current road will be converted.

Only the current road, road 1 was converted.  

Once the road is converted, you can then add junctions to your roads, i.e. intersections, cul-de-sacs and mini round abouts.

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