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How to Archive a Project
Last Updated 6 years ago

This option will attempt to place all relevant files from a selected project into a zip file for backup or for transmittal via email.

The data stored in the zip file are sufficient to recreate the project in its entirety, including data paths. 

Note: This function is only available when no project is currently open (to prevent problems with unsaved data). 

Creating the Archive

File Menu › Archive Project


The Open dialog will appear, browse to the folder where the project is that you want to archive, select the dr4 file and click on the Open button)


Once the project file has been selected, the various portions of the project will be selected. You now have the option to select what must be included in the archive.

Once the selection has been made, click on the OK button to continue.


The Save As dialog will appear, select the folder where the archive must be created, and then give an name for the archive.

Click Save to save the new file

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